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A 1st Year's Perspective: Getting Involved During University

Especially during your first year at university, getting involved can be an intimidating process; you may feel insecure about your lack of experience or you might even feel threatened by upper year students applying for the same position –we understand, we’ve been there too! However, we are here to tell you that you are good enough and you don’t need a mile long resume to impress your interviewer. All you need is passion for whichever position you’re applying for, and just be yourself. Be relaxed, calm, easy-going, yet professional and you should hit that interview straight out of the park without a doubt! If you take that leap of faith and apply to any position, you will certainly NOT regret it!Getting involved with the University of Guelph Marketing Society (and stepping outside of our comfort zone) was hands down the best decision we made in first year.  Regardless of the society or club or organization, getting involved in any way is such a rewarding experience that will only positively benefit you now, and in the future.


There are innumerable benefits of getting involved, but here are our top choices that we would like to share with you!


1. You will quickly learn that your resume does not define you, but it sure can help. Gaining the right experience and knowledge to put onto your resume or add to your LinkedIn is critical, and there is no better way to do that than by getting involved. For example, by joining the UGMS we have gained hands on experience in the marketing field, learned valuable skills such as: communications, advertising, presentation skills, and event planning. Additionally, you can choose to take on leadership roles within the group, club or society, which will teach you important qualities such as organization and management; which are both standout things to add to your resume! All of these attributes are fantastic additions to anyone’s resume, and will sure to make yours shine! 


2. Getting involved with ANYTHING on campus also teaches you one of the MOST important learning skills – time management. Balancing work life and a social life is not only something that you will have to do while in university, but it is a skill that you will need throughout your life and career. Having to balance events, meetings and tasks, with your daily workload is difficult, but it teaches you how to prioritize, stay focused, have drive and be organized. These qualities can never be taught in a classroom, so make sure you get out there and apply, apply, apply! 


3. After our first year as brand ambassadors on the Marketing Society, I think it is safe to say that we are ready to accept the challenge of moving our way up into an executive position on the council! We are ready to gain that experience, knowledge and opportunity that comes with having a spot on a business association. Or anything for that matter! In today’s tough world, it is crucial that you differentiate yourself from your competitors. You need to be willing and able to take that bold step forward in order to gain the knowledge and experience needed to be a huge success!


4. Getting involved on the marketing society has been one of the best decisions we have made in our first year of university. Only good things have come out of this opportunity! Through joining the Marketing Society, we have expanded our network, made friends within the same program, and gained confidence. The Marketing Society has hosted multiple networking events this year that has given us the chance to speak to industry professionals in the business world. Through this, we have gained confidence when speaking to professionals. We have learned the do’s and dont’s of how to dress for certain occasions, how to perfect an interview and overall how to present yourself in a confident manner. Lastly, we have made friends and connections with a great group of 19 people who are all in the same program as we are. It’s super helpful to have upper year students there that have survived what you are currently going through.


In the end, getting involved in first year in the best decision you could make. Nothing but great results comes out of it. To anybody who is on the fence about joining an organization in first year, DO IT. It is most definitely manageable and useful to your current and future life! We’d recommend it to anyone.


- By Leah Tanner & Taylor Floris


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A 1st Year's Perspective: Getting Involved During University

March 2, 2015

Especially during your first year at university, getting involved can be an intimidating process; you may feel insecure about your lack of experience...

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