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How Social Media Affects Your Professional Life


     It is hard to ignore the massive phenomenon that is social media. The majority of us are on two or more social media platforms and rely on these feeds and timelines for the latest news, entertainment, and also as a source of communication.

There are so many positive things social media brings to us… but will it come back to bite us? Was your 6.8 second keg stand Instagram video really that impressive? How about that picture on Facebook with the empty beer case on your head? Classic, right? But don’t worry your parents cant see! You already rejected your mom’s friend request twice, and must have “missed” your little sisters request to follow you on Instagram… no need to worry right?


     Well unfortunately this is the least of our worries! You are entering your early 20’s! And even if you aren’t, you’ll be looking for a job soon enough! Gone are the days that our little privacy tricks work; employers from any organization has the resources to access your social media. They often do this during the hiring process to get a better feel for who you are, and if you’re the right candidate for the position. This is why we pass on the advice to be cautious. Know when to mix professional and personal content on social media, and be sure to maintain your image online. There’s a good chance your next boss won't be Dan Bilzerian or Miley Cyrus.



  • Connect with professors and past employers on Linked In
  • Include your certificates, specific skills and club involvement on all your professional profiles
  • Select a professional photograph taken in a formal to business casual setting
  • Stay up to date on messages, connection requests and profile updates
  • Follow insightful pages (Marketing Society) that will help you to learn more about specific career opportunities and upcoming trends/advice


  • Create a profile and leave it unmanaged for months.
  • Half-ass it. A bad profile is arguably worse than not having a profile at all.
  • Post anything that wouldn't be office appropriate. EVEN ON FACEBOOK.
    • This step may include a facelift for your current profile. #untag

Follow these basic steps and you will be begin to build a social network even Zuckerberg would be envious of.


See you on the web,

Steve and Andrew

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